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Understanding your Breast Cancer

No two persons have the same experience in cancer. This article shall help you with the factors that determine the kind of treatment that you shall undergo.
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Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast cancer, once treated does not return, but if it does in any other part of the body, it is termed as breast cancer recurrence
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Breast Reconstruction

Some women choose immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy and choose to wear confidence.
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Secondary breast cancer

When breast cancer cells spread to other organs of the body through the blood stream, it is termed as secondary breast cancer.
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All about chemotherapy for breast cancer

Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs to interfere with the growth of cancer calls.
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Breast prostheses, bras and clothes after surgery

Once you have recovered from your cancer treatment, it's time to keep your body comfortable with the most appropriate clothing.
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Moving Forward: for people living with and beyond breast cancer

After breast cancer treatment, it is very important to return to the mainstream and resume the daily activities of your life.
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Exercises after undergoing breast cancer surgery

Mental wellbeing, often a neglected aspect of post diagnosis rehabilitation, can be achieved through physical exercises and yoga in due course of time.
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Coping up with physical issues post-mastectomy

While we are aware of the fact that cancer comes with a lot of mental distress, we often overlook that the reminders of cancer treatments are often embedded in forms of physical pain.
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Coping with emotions after mastectomy: A survivor’s handbook

It can be hard to accept yourself and adapt to the changes that happen to your body post mastectomy.
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