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Is it safe for the skin?

Poorti breast prosthesis is manufactured in a clean set-up with HEPA purified air using medical grade silicone and a medical-grade polyurethane film. The breast prostheses are to be first put into a prosthesis cover and then placed inside the pocket of the supplied bra. Therefore there is no direct contact of the prosthesis with the skin. Only cotton makes direct contact with the skin and we use very high-quality cotton material to manufacture our pocketed bras.

What is the lifespan of the kit?

Poorti is wearable and the lifespan of any wearable such as clothes, shoes etc. is never suggested. Women have been using Poorti for more than 3 years now without any reported issues. The golden rule is that durability equals care. If used according to the do’s and don’t’s mentioned in the inner leaflet of the kit, the kit would last for years.

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