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The Need for Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physical Issues

Asymmetric weight distribution leading to:
Posture imbalance
Abnormal gait & movement,
Shoulder and cervical pain

Persistent Pain

Emotional Issues

For women losing breast
is synonymous to losing
confidence, dignity & femininity

Perfect!! Poorti kit has a fair price structure with GST bill

Components of Poorti Kit

Kit containing light weight silicone breast prosthesis and all accessories

(You can click on each of the component to know the details)


After losing my left breast, I involuntarily developed an abnormal habit of walking towards the right side and every day someone in my joint family would point this out. It used to be quite embarrassing and I slowly developed a hesitation to even step out of my home. On one of the hospital visits, a women sitting next to me in the OPD area recommended Poorti. She was a very satisfied user of Poorti. At her suggestion, I got a trial the next day and started using it. To everyone’s surprise, the abnormal walking tendency vanished and it lessened my back pain as well. Thanks Poorti

Jyotsana Narasimha


I have been using Poorti for the past two and a half years and I find it very comfortable, easy to carry and affordable. It is built of good material and I have had no rashes or allergic reactions at all. Post mastectomy, it feels awkward to accept yourself, and Poorti helps you feel complete and normal once again.

Prof. Daman Saluja


After my mastectomy, I had stopped hugging my daughter because I did not want her to realise that I had lost a breast. It was only after using Poorti that I can now hug my daughter with confidence. Poorti has successfully passed its acid test! May God bless this endeavour with further elevations so that it reaches to each and every mastectomee.

Mrs. Radha Sharma


My 65-year old mother had mastectomy last year. I found out about POORTI on the web and contacted the team. I was floored by the humility and the expertise they exhibited. POORTI, as a product, is brilliant and my mother who wants “all-things-perfect“ is absolutely in love with it. She dons it confidently wherever she goes.

Mrs. Dutta

Daughter of a POORTI User

I used to wear a very costly prosthesis in the past and had shelled out ~INR 30,000 for a set of two. Luckily, once in a newspaper, I got to know about POORTI. Very pocket-friendly, Poorti kits offer tremendous value and durability while offering the same quality.

Dr. Shubhada


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